Family First: A Guide to Navigating the Familial Changes That Come with Divorce

Family First

A Guide to Navigating the Familial Changes That Come with Divorce

The truth about divorce is that it will change your life. Many of the changes will be positive: you’ll establish more independence and confidence, have the chance to explore new, healthier relationships, and reconnect with your true self. However, along with these positive changes, most divorcees also experience an array of complicated emotions—especially when children are involved.

Our free guide—which includes a comprehensive child custody checklist—was written to help you navigate the familial changes that come along with divorce, and answer common questions:

divorce attorney new jerseyWhat are my child custody arrangement options in New Jersey?

divorce attorney new jerseyHow does the court make custody decisions?

divorce attorney new jerseyWhat happens if your ex refuses to follow your child custody agreement?

divorce attorney new jerseyWhat if you want or need to relocate?

divorce attorney new jerseyCan you change your child custody agreement in the future? How would that work?

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