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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of law does Lazor Rantas, P.C. practice?
A: Lazor Rantas, P.C. focuses on family and divorce law, offering assistance in areas like alimony, property distribution, child custody, and more.

Q: Where is Lazor Rantas, P.C. located?
A: The firm is based in Chatham, New Jersey, providing legal services throughout the state.

Q: Who founded Lazor Rantas, P.C., and when?
A: Jennifer Lazor and Erin Rantas established the firm in 2018, aiming to apply their extensive legal experience to family law matters.

Q: What makes Lazor Rantas, P.C. unique in their approach to divorce and family law?
A: The firm prides itself on a personalized approach, understanding that each client’s situation is unique, and emphasizes negotiation, mediation, and litigation based on individual needs.

Q: Does Lazor Rantas, P.C. offer divorce mediation services?
A: Both Jennifer Lazor and Erin Rantas are qualified mediators who can guide clients through the mediation process or act as legal advisors when another mediator is involved.

Q: How does Lazor Rantas, P.C. assist with child custody matters?
A: The firm handles child custody disputes by focusing on the best interests of the child, aiming for resolutions that support positive parenting and child well-being.

Q: What is the firm’s philosophy regarding family law disputes?
A: Lazor Rantas, P.C. aims to make the divorce process more efficient and less stressful, emphasizing the importance of achieving amicable resolutions whenever possible.

Q: Are the attorneys at Lazor Rantas, P.C. involved in the local community?
A: Yes, as long-time Morris County residents, both founders are deeply invested in their community and aim to provide compassionate legal support to their neighbors.

Q: What types of family law agreements can Lazor Rantas, P.C. help with?
A: The firm can assist with a range of agreements, including prenuptial agreements and post-judgment modifications, tailoring each to meet the future goals of their clients.

Q: Can Lazor Rantas, P.C. help with domestic violence cases?
A: Yes, the firm supports victims of domestic violence, guiding them through the legal process to secure protective measures and resolve related family law issues.

Q: What is the first step to take when seeking representation from Lazor Rantas, P.C.?
A: Interested individuals should contact the firm to discuss their case and learn more about how Lazor Rantas, P.C. can assist with their specific legal needs.

Q: What advice does Lazor Rantas, P.C. offer for those contemplating divorce?
A: The firm encourages individuals to seek legal advice early to understand their rights and options, emphasizing the importance of informed decision-making.

Q: Do Lazor Rantas, P.C.’s attorneys stay current with New Jersey family law?
A: The attorneys actively engage in continuous legal education and stay updated with evolving laws to provide the most effective representation.

Q: Does Lazor Rantas, P.C. handle cases involving parenting time disputes?
A: Yes, they offer legal guidance for disputes over parenting time, focusing on solutions that serve the child’s best interests and foster healthy co-parenting relationships.

Q: What sets Lazor Rantas, P.C.’s mediation services apart?
A: Their mediation services are distinguished by a personalized approach that respects the privacy and goals of all parties involved, aiming for efficient and mutually agreeable outcomes.

Q: What impact does Lazor Rantas, P.C. hope to have on their clients’ lives?
A: The firm aims to positively impact clients’ lives by helping them navigate the complexities of divorce and family law matters with dignity, aiming for a brighter future.

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