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Divorce Attorneys in Chatham, New Jersey

If you are going through a divorce or family law matter, you may feel overwhelmed, or even a bit angry and lost. You need a legal team dedicated to helping you look beyond these emotions toward an equitable resolution of your issues. With approximately four decades of combined experience, the Chatham, New Jersey divorce attorneys of Lazor Rantas, PC have helped their clients move on to the next chapter. Bringing big law firm talent to their own private practice, Jennifer Lazor and Erin Rantas are ready to zealously represent you in a range of family law matters, whether through negotiation, litigation, or mediation. All you have to do is call.

Your Goals Are Our Priority

Through negotiation, mediation, and litigation, Lazor Rantas, PC handles a variety of family law issues, ranging from sophisticated and complex cases to those with more straightforward legal matters. With each case, our firm caters to meet your goals for the future. One size does not fit all when it comes to family law, and no two cases are alike. This is why we always take a personal approach to each client’s unique situation.

Divorce Attorneys in Morris County

You are not alone. Many individuals just like you have turned to Lazor Rantas, PC, when they know they need someone in their corner to advocate for the best possible outcome. The sooner you speak with our experienced attorneys, the better. Conveniently located in Chatham, New Jersey, the law firm of Lazor Rantas, PC provides its New Jersey clients with effective, quality representation in family law matters including in the following areas:

Chatham Divorce Mediators

Lazor Rantas, PC, recognizes that not every divorce needs to be resolved in court and sometimes mediation is a better fit. Jennifer Lazor and Erin Rantas are qualified divorce and family law mediators; they act as mediator, and also advise clients through negotiations when a different professional is the mediator. In either scenario, Jennifer and Erin work closely with parties using a customized and creative approach to resolving issues. Benefits of mediation include giving parties greater control, privacy, and, often, expediency and efficiency over dispute resolution. If these attributes appeal to you, do not hesitate to contact Lazor Rantas, PC to discuss your matter.

Your Legal Team

Aggressive Allies and Practical Problem Solvers

If you are involved in or contemplating a New Jersey family law matter, Jennifer Lazor and Erin Rantas are on a mission to make the heartbreaking process of divorce more efficient and less painful for every family involved. Long-time Morris County residents, Jennifer and Erin founded Lazor Rantas, PC in 2018, combining their extensive experience with rigorous attention to detail and fierce advocacy that are at the core of their approach to family law. Click below to learn more about our attorneys.

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