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Mediation is a confidential process in which parties meet with a mediator, usually an attorney. The mediator does not advocate for either party or give legal advice. Mediation aims to ascertain what each party can live with regarding an agreement, not to identify what each party is entitled to under the law. After mediation, the mediator drafts a document called a Memorandum of Understanding, or “MOU.”

The MOU is a tentative, nonbinding statement of the terms discussed in mediation. Generally, the MOU is not an enforceable agreement and is typically afforded the same level of confidentiality as the mediation process itself. To make the MOU binding, the parties, either directly or assisted by counsel, reduce the terms in the MOU into a Matrimonial Settlement Agreement or other applicable agreement (see Agreements), which, when adequately entered and executed, represents a binding resolution of the open issues.

Both of our attorneys are qualified family law mediators and experience great satisfaction in serving clients as mediators and attorneys assisting clients undergoing mediation. Our attorneys recommend engaging a family law attorney before or during the mediation process, even if the attorney does not attend the mediation. Why? Since the mediator does not give legal advice, a party should know the law and how his or her claims measure up according to the law. Learning this information preemptively instead of after the fact helps prevent “buyer’s remorse”, which can arise, for example, when a party reviews the MOU with an attorney after mediation.

Mediation is not the only path to an agreement. For example, parties can reach agreements directly with one another and then retain respective counsel to draft and finalize the terms, or attorneys can work directly to reach agreements for their clients outside of mediation.

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