Does Having Children Affect How Much Alimony Is Paid?

Does Having Children Affect How Much Alimony Is Paid?

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Does Having Children Affect How Much Alimony Is Paid?

When you get divorced, your spouse may have to pay alimony or spousal support. A lot of different considerations are made by the court when it calculates how much alimony will be paid out, and having children could affect the size of these spousal support payments. Our Chatham alimony attorneys can tell you more about what influences this calculation and how it may be possible to secure a more generous alimony arrangement.

Which Factors Can Affect How Much Alimony Is Paid?

The court will evaluate a few different factors before deciding who receives payments and for how long. The things that can matter include:

  • The ages of both parties
  • The income and assets of both parties
  • The ability of each party to work and earn money
  • The previous lifestyle you enjoyed

And yes, whether or not you have children can make a difference.

Can Having More Kids Affect How Much Alimony is Paid?

The parental responsibilities of each party will be considered when calculating how much alimony payments should be, but having more kids may not result in an obvious increase in the value of spousal support payments. You will receive child support as well if you are the custodial parent, and the number of children you and your spouse have together would be a more important part of that equation.

Having kids can affect how much alimony is owed because one spouse’s parental responsibilities may have affected their ability to provide for themselves. Let’s say that you stayed at home to watch your kids and gave up a burgeoning career. Now that you are on your own and you need to work again, you may find that you are essentially starting over. A low earning potential for a custodial parent can reduce a child’s quality of life, something the court actively tries to avoid when parents divorce. Arguing for more spousal support because you spent more of your time with your children just makes sense in this kind of situation.

Can a Lawyer Help With Alimony Negotiations?

Your lawyer can also help you argue for the appropriate amount of support. They can:

  • Show how your parental responsibilities affect your ability to earn an income
  • Argue that you stopped pursuing education and career opportunities due to your marriage
  • Show how you supported your spouse in efforts to further their career and education
  • Argue for more support if you have a child with special needs or health considerations

Your lawyer can also help you argue for different types of alimony, like rehabilitative alimony that would support you during education or job training or temporary alimony that can keep you afloat during the divorce process.

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