How Can I Keep Some Privacy During My Divorce?

How Can I Keep Some Privacy During My Divorce?

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How Can I Keep Some Privacy During My Divorce?

Divorce can be a stressful enough experience without all of your dirty laundry getting aired for everyone to see. If you want to keep some of your privacy during a divorce, this advice from our Chatham divorce attorneys can help you. Whether you want to limit rumors or make sure that your spouse cannot snoop on you, here are some of the steps you should take.

What Are Some Things I Can Do to Keep Some Privacy?

If you want to keep some of your privacy during a divorce, it is a good idea to take some steps to safeguard your internet activity. We recommend:

  • Changing any passwords and setting up two-step verification
  • Getting your own cell phone and internet plans
  • Purchasing new mobile devices if possible
  • Looking for spyware, like keyloggers, on your family computer
  • Canceling any services you share with your spouse, like cloud storage

This can help you ensure that your spouse and others cannot get your private information, including electronic communications with your attorneys or anyone else involved in your divorce case. It is also a good idea to avoid social media for the most part. If you go back and delete old posts, your spouse’s lawyer might try to accuse you of hiding something. You also probably want to avoid the temptation of venting about what you are going through, if privacy is a top priority.

Will Court Records Violate My Privacy?

In some ways, yes. Anything that you or your spouse say in court is going to go on the record. Sometimes you can ask to have those records sealed after a divorce is complete, but there is absolutely no guarantee that the judge will seal the records completely.

So if you are really concerned about privacy, litigation may not be the way to go. Instead, you and your spouse can try and work out an agreement through mediation. This is when a third party, a trained mediator, helps you and your spouse come to agreements about things like child support, alimony, and property division. You could also try collaborative divorce. You, your spouse, and your respective lawyers can come together and work out a divorce arrangement that works for everyone.

How Can a Divorce Attorney Help Me?

A divorce attorney from our firm can support you at every stage of this process. Whether you choose collaborative divorce or litigation, your attorney will help you argue for the best possible outcome. And if you have any more questions about keeping your privacy during divorce proceedings, we can answer them.

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