Should I Get a Divorce? A Checklist for Those Wondering if Their Marriage Can Be Saved

Should I Get a Divorce? A Checklist for Those Wondering if Their Marriage Can Be Saved

Should I Get a Divorce? A Checklist for Those Wondering if Their Marriage Can Be Saved

Marriage is hardly ever “easy,” and is often described as a rollercoaster ride, with thrilling highs and heartbreaking lows. So, how do you know if your marriage is just rolling through another low point, or if you need to be asking yourself, “Should I get a divorce?”

Is Your Marriage Abusive?

Abuse is not always physical; it can also be emotional or verbal. If you believe that staying in your marriage would be dangerous to your physical, emotional, or mental health, then the answer is always to leave.

Why Are You Unhappy in Your Marriage?

In order to figure out if your marriage is worth saving, it is important to figure out the reason behind your unhappiness. You cannot fix something if you do not know what is broken.

Have You Tried to Resolve Your Marriage Issues?

Have you spoken with your partner about your feelings and asked about theirs? Communication is key to any successful relationship and is vital to a lasting marriage. In addition, if you and your spouse are not effectively communicating with each other, resentment and anger will inevitably build, leading to even more unhappiness and anger.

Have You Gone to Marriage Counseling?

A marriage counselor can help you effectively communicate with your spouse and possibly even help save your marriage.

Do You Still Love Your Spouse?

If the answer is yes, then you must figure out if you love them enough to fight for your marriage. If the answer is no, then it is likely time to take the next step by contacting a divorce attorney.

How Will Your Life Change?

For most, a divorce can flip your world upside down, especially if children are involved. How will this affect your children? Where will you live? Will you be able to support yourself financially? Will you be happier without your spouse? These are all questions that you should ask yourself before you mention the “D-word” to your spouse.

Are You Financially Prepared?

Most couples combine and share their finances once married. It is vital to ensure that you would be able to continue to support yourself financially after divorce. If you are not financially prepared, then it is time to start saving so that you can not only support yourself, but also afford a qualified and experienced attorney.

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