Can My Parents Make Me Draft a Prenuptial Agreement?

Oftentimes, before marriage, couples will draft prenuptial agreements. In fact, drafting prenuptial agreements is more common now than ever, and many people across the country are coming to realize that these agreements are incredibly useful tools utilized to protect assets from a potential divorce in the future. That being said,…
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How do I Know if My Prenuptial Agreement is Valid in New Jersey?

If you are someone who is ready to take the next step with your partner and get married, you are most likely very excited. However, just as couples spend months planning for their wedding, honeymoon, and more, they should consider taking some time to plan for the worst as well.…
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Common Divorce Concerns | Keeping Your Divorce Private and Saving Money While Doing So

When couples get divorced, they often have two primary concerns: keeping their divorce private and saving as much money as possible. That is why below, our experienced Chatham divorce attorneys have compiled a short list of tips and ideas for keeping your divorce private and saving money in the process.…
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What You Need to Know About Prenuptial Agreements in New Jersey

When people are about to get married, understandably, the last thing on their minds is a potential divorce. However, just as you would take the time to plan out your wedding, honeymoon, and more, you should also take the time to establish a prenuptial agreement to plan for a potential…
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