The Divorce Journey: 6 Emotional Phases

The Divorce Journey: 6 Emotional Phases

The Divorce Journey: 6 Emotional Phases

Most people have heard of the five stages of grief, first developed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in 1969. But people going through a divorce often experience their own emotional roller coaster as well. Similar to the experience of grieving, the divorce journey has its own distinctive stages, in this case six. Understanding what to expect as you go through the process can help you prepare for what’s to come and make your experience that much easier.

The Six Emotional Phases of Divorce

  1. Denial. Similar to the Kübler-Ross stages of grief, the first thing that many people do when faced with divorce is to pretend it simply isn’t happening.
  2. Shock. After they’ve finished denying that their divorce is happening, many people often find themselves in a state of shock. They can’t yet process their situation and they often walk around in a state of disbelief that makes it hard for them to function in their daily lives.
  3. Emotional Swings. Once the shock has worn off, the emotions that had been repressed in the previous stage suddenly reassert themselves with force. This leads to emotional swings in which a person’s feelings can’t be easily controlled.
  4. Bargaining. At this point, many people begin thinking that they can still make the marriage work. They begin bargaining with themselves—and sometimes with their spouse—saying that they will change and that they will do anything to make the marriage work.
  5. Letting Go. Stage five is where it begins to click. You begin to realize that the marriage is over and start to move towards acceptance.
  6. Acceptance. In the final stage, you accept what is happening. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily feel great about everything, but you are no longer trying to deny or change the reality. From here, you can begin to move forward with your new life.

Divorce is never easy, even in the best of circumstances. But understanding what to expect can make it that much easier. Similar to the stages of grief, the divorce journey typically unfolds along similar patterns. Being familiar with these phases before you begin the process will put you ahead of the game from the start.

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