Where Do I Get Divorce Papers in NJ?

Where Do I Get Divorce Papers in NJ?

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Where Do I Get Divorce Papers in NJ?

If you want to file for divorce, you need divorce papers. Fortunately, finding everything you need to get divorced in New Jersey is easy. Unless you and your spouse agree about what to do once your marriage ends, the hard part will be negotiating after divorce papers are filed. Our Chatham divorce attorneys can help you with that.

Where Can I Go to Get Divorce Papers?

You should go to the county courthouse when you want to file for divorce. The court ombudsmen can help you find everything you need to file divorce papers. You can also get a kit from the Legal Services of New Jersey containing everything you need to file for divorce. It costs $25.

An ombudsman cannot advise you like a lawyer because they must remain neutral. They can help answer your questions, though.

What Do I Need to File Divorce Papers?

Plenty of documents need to be filed when you ask for a divorce. You must include paperwork like:

  • The complaint for the divorce
  • A summons for your spouse
  • A confidential litigant information sheet
  • The certification of self-represented litigants and dispute resolution alternatives
  • A certification of insurance coverage
  • A filing fee or a fee waiver form

Getting everything together and properly filed can be challenging, so many hire lawyers. Once you file your divorce papers, your spouse should receive them, and the case can proceed.

Do I Need to Choose a Fault Ground for Divorce?

You can choose a reason, like separation, adultery, or extreme cruelty, when you are filing for divorce. This is your “grounds” for divorce and why you are filing these papers in the first place.

However, you do not need to get specific here. You can file a no-fault divorce, also known as a divorce with irreconcilable differences. By doing so, you are indicating to the court that there is no way for you and your spouse to work through your issues, so your marriage should end.

Do I Need an Attorney?

Having an attorney on your side during the divorce process can be helpful. They can help you negotiate for better terms and introduce you to methods of resolving problems other than litigation, like arbitration or mediation. Getting a fair deal in a divorce can also be challenging if your spouse has counsel and you do not.

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