Can Posting on Social Media Hurt my Divorce Case?

Can Posting on Social Media Hurt my Divorce Case?

Can Posting on Social Media Hurt my Divorce Case?

Divorce is a complicated process, both legally, financially, and, of course, emotionally. However, no matter how frustrating your divorce/your spouse becomes, there are several things you should avoid doing to help ensure you and your family receive the best possible outcome–among them, avoiding posting on social media. Remember, no matter what your spouse did, the courts want to see that you are capable of peacefully, level-headedly, and non-combatively working your way through the process. When getting a divorce, keep the following in mind:

  • Do not post about your spouse on social media. This is perhaps the most important step you can take to ensure your divorce is kept private. Though social media, for many, is a great place to blow off some steam, the truth is, anything you post can be brought in front of a judge. Even if your spouse truly wronged you in some way and you feel everyone should know, it is generally best to simply be the bigger person and avoid social media until your divorce is resolved.
  • Just as you should refrain from posting on social media, you must not send your spouse angry or threatening text messages. Do not message anyone, your spouse included, anything you would not want a judge to see. If you have to text your spouse for any reason, ensure you keep messages short, simple, polite, and fact-based.
  • Do not post about a new romantic partner until your divorce is finalized. This is true even if you met this new person months after you moved out and were already no longer romantically involved with your spouse in any way. No matter how innocent your new relationship is, your spouse and his/her attorney may twist these posts to allege that you were having an affair, which, of course, does not show you in the best light.
  • Do not post about vacations or large purchases. Let’s say you just needed to get away for a long weekend with a couple of friends. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, however, if you are arguing in court that you require alimony or child support, you may find that your spouse and his/her attorney will use these posts against you, stating that if you truly need financial support, you would not be taking unnecessary vacations.
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