A Custody and Parenting Time Checklist

A Custody and Parenting Time Checklist

A Custody and Parenting Time Checklist

By: Attorney Jennifer Lazor

Ever wonder what types of issues fall under the general heading of “Custody and Parenting Time”? Custody and parenting time agreements can address a variety of issues. Here is a general list of topics I generally follow when drafting custody and parenting time agreements or otherwise preparing to address them in litigation. The list is non-exhaustive and can be modified to address the circumstances specific to your case.

Legal Custody

1. Decision-making regarding non-emergent healthcare

  • Attendance at medical appointments
  • Physician selection
  • Access to health records

2. Decision-making regarding education

  • School selection (including college)
  • Wrap-around programs and aftercare/childcare
  • Extracurricular Activities: selection, coaching, and participation
  • Access to report cards and other educational records

3. Religious upbringing

4. Access to social media and electronics

5. Introduction of new romantic partners to children

6. Childcare arrangements and providers

7. Maintenance of children’s Social Security Cards, Passports, Birth Certificates, and any other official documents

Residential Custody

1. Regular, weekly schedule

2. Vacation Parenting Time
a. How many weeks of vacation per party per year (consecutive or non-consecutive)
b. Any restriction on international travel
c. Method of selecting vacation time each year (e.g. alternate first choice)
d. Notice of travel itinerary and accommodations

3. Holidays (general list below)
a. Winter Break
b. Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend
c. Presidents’ Day Weekend
d. Good Friday/Easter
e. Passover
f. Spring Break
g. Mother’s Day
h. Memorial Day Weekend
i. Father’s Day
j. Fourth of July
k. Labor Day Weekend
l. Rosh Hashanah
m. Yom Kippur
n. Columbus Day Weekend
o. Halloween
p. Thanksgiving
q. Teacher Convention Days and other School recesses not
addressed above (e.g., Veterans Day and Election Day)
r. Holiday Break
s. Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza celebrations
t. New Years

4. Special Occasions
a. Parents’ birthdays
b. Children’s birthdays (including class parties)
c. Extended family celebrations

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