Divorce Advice for Stay-at-Home Parents

Divorce Advice for Stay-at-Home Parents

Divorce Advice for Stay-at-Home Parents

After having children, 29% of moms decide to put their own careers—and paychecks—aside to stay home and care for their children. Oftentimes, stay-at-home moms sacrifice their own careers to raise their children, and there are household where fathers assume the stay-at-home role as well. While the spouse who works outside of the home often creates quantifiable professional success and wealth, the contributions of the stay-at-home parent are often valued by more subjective metrics. While raising children and working full-time both have their own set of unique challenges and rewards, this agreement works for many couples. However, when stay-at-home parent faces divorce, it can be more complicated and stressful than usual, which is why we’re sharing some valuable divorce advice for stay-at-home parents.

Divorce is complicated in general. Splitting assets, determining child custody, and figuring out child support can cause higher-than-normal tension and stress levels. However, when a stay-at-home parent hasn’t been making his or her own income, things can get even more complicated…and fast.

Speak with a Qualified Divorce Attorney

The first thing you should do when you are considering divorce is to speak with a divorce attorney. A qualified divorce attorney can give you divorce advice that will adequately prepare you for the life transitions that lie ahead. The sooner you find and hire a divorce attorney, the sooner you can ensure that you are as prepared and protected as possible. If you live in New Jersey and need a divorce attorney, we urge you to contact Lazor Rantas, PC.

Gather All Financial Access and Documents

If you don’t have access to financial accounts (your bank account or investment accounts, for example), it’s vital that you gain access. It is also important to gather any previous year tax forms, current pay stubs, insurance policies, mortgage statements, business loan information, car loans, investment accounts, phone bills, utility bills, etc. The clearer the picture of your financial situation that you can paint for your divorce lawyer, the better. By helping your divorce lawyer to understand your quality of life, the better they can work to ensure that you and your children are financially protected.

Understand the Marital Lifestyle
Figure out how much is being spent on your mortgage, food, utility bills, car loans, phone bills, insurance, clothing, gas and other necessities. This will be beneficial to your lawyer in order to show how much your family will need in terms of financial support—including alimony and child support—if needed.

Going through a divorce with children can be complicated. However, we’re here to help make the process as smooth as possible for you, while keeping your best interests at heart. At Lazor Rantas, we understand the full spectrum of issues that can impact divorcing couples, and are prepared to help. If you are going through a divorce and need an experienced attorney to guide you through the process, contact us today. We proudly serve clients throughout New Jersey as they navigate divorce and other complicated family law matters

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