Divorce Without a Lawyer: 5 Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

Divorce Without a Lawyer: 5 Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

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Divorce Without a Lawyer: 5 Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

The divorce process is difficult, even in the best of circumstances. Even if you do everything right—by hiring the best divorce lawyer available, and avoiding any missteps—the process can still be long and hard fought. However, many people make this already-difficult process even tougher than it has to be by attempting to go through their divorce without a lawyer and subsequently falling prey to already common mistakes in the divorce process.

Do not put yourself at a significant disadvantage before the divorce process even begins.

Five Common Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when they go through their divorce proceedings:

  1. Going solo. Going through a divorce without a lawyer is simply put, not a good idea. The legal system is complex and almost impossible to navigate for someone without advanced legal knowledge and experience. Hiring an inexperienced divorce attorney is also a common mistake. Only someone who knows the ins, outs, and nuances of the divorce process can ensure an equitable resolution.
  2. Being too emotional. It is no surprise that many people get emotional when it comes to divorce. Their entire lives are turned upside down, and their once trusted and loving partner suddenly becomes their adversary. People can become especially emotional if children are involved. The divorce process is a legal matter and should be regarded as such. Being too emotional can cause prejudice with the judge and may complicate matters with your former spouse or children afterwards.
  3. Hiding assets. Some people think that they can protect their assets from the divorce process by simply not reporting them. This is a bad idea. It is almost certain that the assets will be discovered at some point, and you can face serious legal consequences by attempting to hide them.
  4. Comparing your situation to other people’s situations. Every divorce case is different. The divorce process varies greatly from case to case depending on the specifics of each family’s circumstances. When you begin the process, it’s understandable that you would want to compare your situation to that of friends or family members who have also gone through the divorce process. This, however, will only establish unreasonable expectations and lead to the inability to accept your own outcome.
  5. Waiting too long. As soon as you realize that your relationship is no longer tenable, it is in everybody’s best interest to begin divorce proceedings as promptly as possible. It does not benefit anyone to delay the inevitable divorce proceedings once this decision is made. Hire an experienced divorce attorney as soon as you know your marriage is over. If you delay, your spouse may gain a distinct head start on their case and put you at a disadvantage that could be difficult to overcome.

When it comes to divorce, don’t go it alone! Going through a divorce without a divorce attorney—or waiting to long to hire one—will only complicate matters. At Lazor Rantas, PC, we have many years of experience getting the best possible results for our clients. Contact us today by calling 973-457-8844 or by using the brief contact form below.

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