How Should I Handle False Allegations During Divorce Proceedings?

How Should I Handle False Allegations During Divorce Proceedings?

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How Should I Handle False Allegations During Divorce Proceedings?

A divorce can be stressful even when everyone is cooperating, but one spouse can make things much worse by slinging false allegations to increase the chance that they will get what they want. If you are the one being accused of abuse, adultery, or hiding assets, you need to address this without losing your cool. Our Chatham, New Jersey divorce attorneys can help you with that.

What Should I Do If My Spouse Makes False Allegations?

You must stay calm if your spouse begins making false allegations against you. This situation can be stressful and infuriating, but staying calm is the key here. Instead of lashing out at your spouse, you should:

  • Be completely transparent with your attorney about any marriage or financial issues
  • Document everything, including texts and e-mails
  • Have witnesses you can call on to refute your spouse’s allegations
  • Avoid interactions with your spouse, if possible
  • Let your lawyer communicate on your behalf whenever necessary

If you do not take steps to stay above the fray and away from your spouse, you could end up causing more problems for yourself.

Do I Still Have to Follow Court Orders Based on False Allegations?

Another thing to remember is that the court can issue orders based on your spouse’s false allegations. This can and should make you mad, but you must be smart here. Ignoring a protective order based on lies will not help you. You still ignored a court order, which will cause you more problems.

Can These Allegations Affect the Outcome of My Case?

It is possible, which is probably why your spouse is doing it. It can be easier to win child custody when you accuse your spouse of domestic and child abuse, even if the only evidence is one person’s testimony.

What Can I Do to Fight Back?

You want to stay calm and let your attorney handle most of the talking. A lawyer from our firm can help you gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and do anything else needed to build a case and a defense against your spouse’s false allegations. Do not stoop low and begin attacking them back. Use real arguments backed by evidence to show why you should not be treated differently based on the lies of your former partner. Hopefully, you can expose the lies, and this strategy will backfire on your spouse in a big way. Traditionally, the court does not like being lied to.

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