The Bright Side of Divorce: Making a Positive Impact on Children

The Bright Side of Divorce: Making a Positive Impact on Children

The Bright Side of Divorce: Making a Positive Impact on Children

Parents going through divorce oftentimes worry whether their children will feel any adverse effects. The process, after all, is confusing and disruptive, and the consequences are life-long. That being said, in many situations, divorce can actually be a positive change for everyone involved—including children.


It should come as no surprise that strife in the home is damaging to children, but what may come as a shock is just how damaging such experiences can be. New research published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry shows that witnessing domestic abuse, be it physical or verbal, carries the same risk to children’s mental health as experiencing such abuse directly. For parents whose arguments regularly erupt into shouting matches or worse, this is sobering news. Brain imaging performed on infants shows that exposure to such situations can stunt cerebral development, resulting in a higher likelihood of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other adverse outcomes. Clearly, when compared to the outcome of constant fighting, the negative impact of divorce is the lesser of two evils.


A divorce need not be driven by domestic abuse for it to be in the children’s best interest, however. Even couples who are splitting peacefully will find that, by being able to show up as the best possible versions of themselves at home, their children reap immense benefit. After all, the most important ingredients in a happy childhood are love and support, and these are difficult to provide if they are not also present in one’s own life. 


All of the above notwithstanding, a divorce will inflict irreparable damage upon children if not conducted with their best interests in mind. Child custody and child support disputes can easily become a proxy war wherein feuding parents exploit the delicate nature of the negotiation to inflict pain or frustration on the other. When this happens, no one wins…which is why it is crucial to enlist an experienced, compassionate attorney as a level-headed guide through such charged territory. 


A good divorce attorney does more than attend to the legal aspects of a divorce. They also provide clear advice concerning conflict-resolution strategies, which ultimately benefit your entire family. By bringing years of experience to the table, they not only ensure that the outcome is in your and your children’s best interest, but that the process also stays on track and is swiftly resolved. 


To learn more about how best to ensure that your children’s well-being is protected from the beginning through the end of your divorce, do not hesitate to reach out to the attorneys at Lazor Rantas, PC either by calling 973-457-8844 or by using the contact form on our website. 


As challenging as divorce may be, one thing you need not worry about is your children’s continued well-being. Make it a central priority from the beginning, and back it up with love all the way through to the end.


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