What You Need to Know About Post-Judgment Modifications in New Jersey

What You Need to Know About Post-Judgment Modifications in New Jersey

What You Need to Know About Post-Judgment Modifications in New Jersey

If you are someone who has been divorced for months or years, you may find that your life has changed considerably and that as a result, your initial divorce agreement no longer accurately reflects your current situation in life. For this very reason, New Jersey courts may grant you what is known as a post-judgment modification to adjust your initial agreement to better suit your life as it is now. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable New Jersey divorce attorneys to learn more about post-judgment modifications and how we can help you receive one.

What scenarios may warrant a post-judgment modification in New Jersey?

There are various circumstances that have warranted post-judgment modifications in the past, some of which are as follows:

  • One spouse either received a promotion or got a higher paying job, warranting a change in alimony. Conversely, one spouse receiving a demotion or losing their job may also warrant a change in alimony.
  • When one spouse remarries or cohabits with another person, it may warrant a change in alimony.
  • When one spouse exposes a child to domestic abuse, substance abuse, or any other type of behavior that calls that parent’s parental fitness into question, it should warrant a child custody modification.
  • When a child has a significant change in his or her schedule, it may warrant a modification to child custody terms.
  • When a child reaches adulthood in the eyes of the state, it frequently warrants termination of child support.
  • Your child plans on attending university or higher education/your child has special needs, warranting an extension of child support payments.

Though all of the aforementioned scenarios may warrant post-judgment modifications, the truth is, if you cannot agree on the modified terms with your spouse, you will have to hire an experienced Chatham divorce attorney who can work to prove to the court that there has been a significant and continuing change in circumstances that truly warrants a modification to your initial divorce agreement. Our firm can work to uncover various forms of evidence, including tax returns, financial documents, school records, police reports, or any other type of evidence needed to prove your case. The information we seek, rather obviously, largely depends on which aspect of your initial agreement you wish to modify. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to speak with our firm today. We are always here to help.

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