Tips For Sharing Child Custody With Your Former Spouse

Tips For Sharing Child Custody With Your Former Spouse

Tips For Sharing Child Custody With Your Former Spouse

There are few things more important to divorced co-parents than spending time with their children. Nobody wants to imagine going through life unable to raise their child, which is why, under most circumstances, New Jersey courts and co-parents establish child custody agreements. In many cases, NJ courts will split child custody agreements 50/50 between both parents, as long as they believe that both parents are committed to fulfilling their parental duties and that it would be in the best interests of the child. That being said, being a divorced co-parent is not always easy, and there are times where it can become increasingly difficult to work with your former spouse when it comes to child custody/parenting issues. For this very reason, our experienced New Jersey family law attorneys have compiled this short list of tips regarding sharing child custody to hopefully make life easier for you and your family.

  1. Do not speak poorly about your former spouse to your child. While this may be tempting, especially if your former spouse is the reason for your divorce and you feel your children should know who your former spouse truly is, this often does far more harm than good. Though you may rightfully feel contention towards your former spouse, you should understand that your ex is still their parent. Various experts have found, in several studies, that badmouthing your former spouse can have serious negative impacts on your child.
  2. Though the months and years after a divorce can be challenging, if you are a divorced parent, you must ensure that you put your child first. Do not treat child custody as some sort of battle with your spouse. For example, if you are fighting for an agreement that is unrealistic and not in your child’s best interests simply because you want to keep them away from your former spouse, you should strongly reconsider your actions. Keep in mind that in many cases, when circumstances change down the road and you are more prepared to sufficiently care for your child, you can request a modification to your initial agreement.
  3. Though it may be difficult, do your best to communicate openly and honestly with your former spouse. This will make the process far easier for everyone involved. Additionally, it is far better for your children to witness you and your former spouse working together in a calm and civil way.

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