Can I Afford a Divorce?

Can I Afford a Divorce?

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Can I Afford a Divorce?

Unfortunately, money is going to be a factor if you want to split from your husband or wife. You should really figure out if you can afford a divorce before filing. You have to think about not only the process itself, but how you support yourself through the divorce and afterward. You can learn more by meeting with our Chatham divorce attorneys.

How Do I Know If I Can Afford a Divorce?

Before you divorce your spouse, you really need to do a full accounting of your financial situation. You should have a good understanding of:

  • Your assets
  • Any outstanding debts or liabilities
  • What kind of income you make now, if you work
  • What kind of income you could make if you went back to work after a divorce
  • Your available credit lines
  • Whether you would be able to secure more credit or a loan

All of this can help you figure out if you can afford a divorce and if you might have to tighten your budget a bit. You do not want to go into this blind only to realize later that you will struggle to support yourself and your children.

Can Alimony Help Me Afford a Divorce?

In some cases, alimony can make it possible to afford a divorce. Alimony is often paid after a divorce has gone through, but temporary alimony can be awarded during the divorce process itself. This can help you support yourself while the divorce is ongoing.

Rehabilitative alimony could be another option. If you have been out of the workforce for a while, this can support you while you train for jobs or get an education. This can allow you to become self-sufficient, making a divorce possible and affordable.

Can I Make My Spouse Pay For a Lawyer?

In some cases, you can even get your spouse to pay for your lawyer. The courts understand that having one spouse with an attorney and one without is not exactly fair. Your spouse could be ordered to pay your lawyer fees, meaning that you have one less major expense to worry about.

Is Going to Court Expensive?

Couples who try to solve everything through the court will find it difficult to afford a divorce. This is why our lawyers will help you evaluate alternative methods of dispute resolution. Litigation does not come cheap, but mediation, arbitration, or a collaborative divorce can reduce your expenses. Not all methods work for every couple, but if we can help you find the right alternative to courtroom arguments your bank account will be thankful.

Talk to an Attorney

If you’re ready to file for divorce and you have some questions, contact Lazor Rantas, PC. We can tell you more about alternative dispute resolution methods and what we can do to help you through this process.

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