Does the Number Of Children I Have Affect Child Support Payments?

Does the Number Of Children I Have Affect Child Support Payments?


Does the Number Of Children I Have Affect Child Support Payments?

There are plenty of factors that can influence the calculation of child support payments after a divorce. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that the number of children you have can affect how much you end up owing for each payment. Our Chatham child support attorneys can explain more, and we can also help you negotiate fairer outcomes in your divorce.

Does the Number of Children Affect Child Support Calculations?

The number of children you have is certain to affect your child support payments. This is because the goal of child support is to ensure that children continue to enjoy the same standard of living that they did when their parents were together. The more children you have, the more that needs to be spent on food, healthcare, and everything else that children need.

It’s important to note that the number of children you have together is not the only factor here though. Your child support payments will also be affected by:

  • The income and assets of each parent
  • The age of the children
  • The marital status of each parent
  • Any special needs of any of the children
  • Any existing child support orders from other relationships for either parent

How Long Will I Have to Support My Children?

You will have to make child support payments for each of your children until they are emancipated. This can mean that:

  • They have joined the military
  • They are married themselves
  • They have reached the age of majority, 19 years old
  • They have filed to become emancipated

You may have to continue supporting your children in some circumstances. Payments can be extended until a child is 23 years old if they are enrolled in some kind of schooling, like a university or trade school, full-time. Payments can also continue if a child has special needs and would be unable to care for themselves.

What If I Have a Child With Someone Else?

Sometimes you can modify your existing child support agreement. Let’s say you get remarried and have a child with someone else. Now the number of children you have will affect your child support payments, but not in the exact same way as before.

If you have another dependent, you may be able to reduce the amount of child support paid. This is not a guarantee though, because a judge could decide that you have enough resources to continue supporting all of your children in the same manner. You may be more successful in modifying your child support agreement after your former spouse has remarried, secured a more lucrative job, or come into an inheritance or windfall.

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