How Do I Protect My Rights as a Father in a Divorce?

How Do I Protect My Rights as a Father in a Divorce?

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How Do I Protect My Rights as a Father in a Divorce?

As a father, you have rights when you are going through a divorce and custody battle. Do not let anyone tell you that you are the secondary parent and that you do not deserve time with your kids as much as your former spouse does. If you are ready to fight for your rights as a father, our Chatham child custody attorneys are ready to help you.

Does a Father Have Equal Rights to Child Custody and Visitation?

It surprises some people to learn that courts do not actually favor the mother when it comes to custody. New Jersey courts consider both parents equal in most cases, meaning that you do have the right to request primary or joint custody. You do not just need to settle for visitation and assume that your child’s mother will automatically be the custodial parent.

How Can a Father Make the Best Impression on the Court?

You have to be careful when going through a divorce. It is easy for someone to paint a man as violent or angry based on the interactions that they have with their soon-to-be former spouse. If you yell at them or make threats, you can almost guarantee that this will end up being relevant later. If your spouse has a way of getting under your skin, make an effort to only communicate through your attorney.

Sometimes people falsely accuse their spouse of crimes during the divorce process. This is a clear effort to make it more difficult for their former partner to secure custody or visitation. If you are accused of anything or arrested, do not speak without an attorney present. Getting through this experience without a charge or serious suspicion needs to be a top priority.

What Rights Do I Have When It Comes to My Kids?

You have a few important rights when it comes to your children. You have the right to:

  • Spend time with your children
  • Have input on your child’s religious upbringing
  • Speak to your children
  • Be notified when your children are injured or sick
  • Make education-related decisions for your child
  • Take part in their extracurricular activities like school plays or sports
  • Know when your former spouse plans to move out of state

If you do not get primary or joint custody, it can seem difficult to protect all of these rights. The fight is worth the effort though. Our family attorneys can make sure that your rights as a father are not compromised.

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