Why to Avoid Social Media During the Divorce Process

Why to Avoid Social Media During the Divorce Process

Why to Avoid Social Media During the Divorce Process

In today’s day and age, nearly everyone has at least one social media account, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, or otherwise. While social media has many positive aspects about it, most of us realize that it also has its downsides. This is especially true when it comes to couples who are going through the divorce process. In many cases, our firm will advise our clients to avoid social media if at all possible until their divorce is finalized, for many different reasons. Please continue reading and speak with our New Jersey divorce attorneys to learn more about why you should avoid social media until your divorce concludes.

Reasons to Avoid Social Media During the Divorce Process

First and foremost, you should avoid badmouthing your spouse on social media or through text at all costs. Anything post on social media can, and most likely will, be used against you. Judges strongly dislike this sort of behavior, even if you believe the whole world should know about who your spouse really is. Posting on social media about your spouse almost always has a negative effect on your divorce.

Furthermore, you should understand that even more innocent posts, such as those of you simply spending a night out with friends where alcohol is involved may prompt your spouse and his or her attorney to use those posts to claim you have a substance abuse issue, or at least that you lack good judgment, which, in certain cases, may impact your child custody agreement.

In other cases, if you were to post pictures of your new car, on vacation, or with an otherwise large purchase, there is a very good chance that your former spouse and his or her attorney may use that post to argue that you do not truly require alimony or child support payments.

You should also avoid posting and pictures regarding a new romantic interest, even if you only started seeing this person after you and your spouse have been separated for months. In many cases, this may cast you in a bad light, and though infidelity rarely affects the outcome of a divorce, you do not want to be held in this light.

The bottom line is that no matter your situation, if possible, try and avoid posting on social media altogether until your divorce is resolved. It may save you greatly in the long run.

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