How Does a Divorce Impact Health Insurance?

How Does a Divorce Impact Health Insurance?

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How Does a Divorce Impact Health Insurance?

There’s already a lot on your plate when you are going through a divorce, but there is one more important matter that you need to keep in mind as you go through this process. If you and your spouse are on the same health insurance plan, it will be necessary to end this arrangement when the marriage ends. Fortunately, there are some options available to you and some preparation for this change can help you deal with it. Our Chatham divorce attorneys are also ready to help you with the transition.

What Happens if I Use My Spouse’s Health Insurance?

Many couples share their health insurance coverage, especially if they have dependent children who need coverage as well. Usually, one spouse has a better insurance plan through their job so that is the plan that gets used. A divorce ends this coverage for the plan holder’s partner though. This is true even if you divorce on relatively good terms and the person covered by the plan wants to continue covering their ex-spouse. An ex-spouse is not considered a family member, so they will not be covered no matter how nicely you ask.

When Would Coverage Under a Spouse’s Health Insurance Plan Expire?

In most cases, your health insurance coverage will end when your divorce is finalized if you are using your spouse’s plan. Your coverage should remain during the divorce process. If it doesn’t, a temporary order from the court should allow you to keep your coverage for at least that long. Then you need to think about getting coverage for yourself.

How Can I Get Health Insurance After My Divorce?

After your divorce, you have a few options for securing health insurance coverage of your own. Some options include:

Your own employer’s plan: If your job offers insurance and you did not take it due to your place on your spouse’s plan, you may be able to sign up for health insurance through your own job.

COBRA: If your ex-spouse’s employer offers COBRA, this essentially allows you to continue to use the same health insurance coverage as before for up to three years. This is often an expensive option though.

ACA: The Affordable Care Act allows someone to purchase plans outside of the open enrollment period if they have a qualifying life event that causes them to lose coverage, like a divorce. You could also qualify for subsidies that can help you pay for your plan.

We should also note that if your children were covered by your spouse’s health insurance plan, they will continue to have coverage. Your divorce will not affect their insurance.

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