What Are Common Mistakes I Need to Avoid in My Divorce?

What Are Common Mistakes I Need to Avoid in My Divorce?

What Are Common Mistakes I Need to Avoid in My Divorce?

Divorce can be a stressful process, so it’s no surprise that some people make mistakes because they are bad at handling tension or because they just want to get it all over with. This is why you should have our Chatham divorce attorneys on your side. We can help you get through this difficult process without making some of the common mistakes associated with divorce.

What Are Some Common Mistakes Made During the Divorce Process?

There are some common mistakes that we see people make over and over during their divorce. You could just end up making things harder on yourself and your family. So avoid any of the following:

  • Hiding financial documents or other information the other side needs
  • Letting your emotions control you
  • Involving your children in the divorce process
  • Flaunting a new relationship in your spouse’s face

Some of these actions might feel good at the time, but you are only extending this process, making it harder to maintain civility after the divorce, and possibly harming your relationship with your children.

What Are Some Common Mistakes Made With Divorce Agreements?

There are many different agreements that need to be reached during the divorce process. You need to split up your marital property. There needs to be a discussion of child custody, visitation, and child support. You will probably need to come to an agreement about alimony as well.

You need to make sure that any of these agreements are written out and checked by your lawyer. You want to be sure that everything is accurate and that you will not have to deal with any unexpected headaches later. You also do not want to rush into things. Don’t just take the first deal brought to you because you want this process to be done and over with.

It is also important to have everything in writing. Sometimes, if you and your spouse are on relatively good terms, it can be tempting to accept a verbal agreement or “handshake” on certain issues. This is not a good idea. Your spouse could change their mind or back out of a verbal agreement for any other reason. You want a paper trail.

Is Representing Myself a Mistake?

Representing yourself in a divorce case is tough. There is a lot of paperwork involved and many different types of documents need to be produced. If your spouse has representation, the playing field is going to feel quite tilted against you. We strongly recommend that you hire an attorney.

What Should I Do After My Divorce Goes Through?

You also have to be prepared for life after divorce. Have a financial plan and know how you are going to pay your living expenses on your own. Change your estate plan or will, if you have one. Finally, be aware of how the divorce agreement could affect your tax bill and prepare for any potential liabilities.

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