The Importance of an “Ironclad” Prenup

The Importance of an “Ironclad” Prenup

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The Importance of an “Ironclad” Prenup

When a celebrity couple like Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen get divorced, the details of their split become the stuff of countless gossip pieces. But while it’s fascinating to hear about how people with a high net worth split their considerable assets, their divorce stories have important lessons for the rest of us as well. Tom and Gisele had an “ironclad” prenup in place from the time of their wedding which made the divorce process that much easier and protected both parties. Although many people identify the prenuptial agreement only with celebrity marriages, having a prenup in place can actually make for a more amicable divorce for everyone.

What is an “Ironclad” Prenup?

The term “ironclad” prenup has received a lot of press thanks to Tom and Gisele’s split. In their case, both partners have separate business entities, so their prenup ensured that each spouse would retain all of their own business interests. The prenup also listed how all their assets would be divided in the event of a split. Although there were still some issues at play when it came to dividing their properties, Tom and Gisele’s divorce process was made much smoother by the prenup.

How a Prenup Can Make for a More Amicable Divorce

While most people don’t have as many assets as Tom and Gisele, the lessons from their divorce can help any couple. There are many ways to keep a divorce amicable. Prenuptial agreements were seen as unromantic, but that stigma has been disappearing in recent years. Because a marriage is, among many other things, a type of business arrangement on certain levels, it’s essential that you prepare for all scenarios and that you protect yourself and your assets. Typically, a prenup will cover a wide range of financial matters, such as the division of assets and alimony. Although no one wants their marriage to end in divorce, should that happen, the prenup can make the process much easier. With the distribution of assets already decided ahead of time, there is less opportunity for nasty conflict over property.


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If you’re about to get married and you’ve decided that a prenup is the right choice for you, you’ll need to contact a family law attorney who can effectively represent your interests. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you and your future spouse come to an agreement that will make you both feel more secure in your marriage.

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