What Are Some of the Most Common Misconceptions About Prenuptial Agreements?

What Are Some of the Most Common Misconceptions About Prenuptial Agreements?

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What Are Some of the Most Common Misconceptions About Prenuptial Agreements?

Prenuptial agreements are one of the most misunderstood documents around. Despite what you may have learned on TV or what you think that you know, there are actually many good reasons for couples of all kinds to explore prenuptial agreements and have one drawn up. Let our Chatham prenuptial agreement attorneys help you separate fact from fiction.

Don’t Prenuptial Agreements Cost a Lot?

It will cost you some money to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up. However, that small amount you pay now will end up saving you a ton of money later. This agreement will prevent you and your former spouse from arguing over the bulk of your property later. So you spend a little bit of money now, but you will not have to worry about draining your bank account in litigation later.

Aren’t Prenuptial Agreements Useless If You Do Not Divorce?

If you never divorce, drawing up that prenup was just a waste of time, right? Actually, this agreement has some uses outside of divorce. First of all, it can establish financial expectations and ownership of certain assets. This is a valuable thing to do early on in the marriage, but that’s not the only benefit of establishing a prenup. This document can also be used when you begin the estate planning process. Start making your own plan and picking out beneficiaries early to make sure there is no confusion.

Is Signing a Prenup an Admission That My Relationship Is Doomed to Fail?

Signing a prenup is basically just admitting that your relationship will not last though, right? Couldn’t your prenuptial agreement just become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

This is just superstition, and it is not a good enough argument to leave yourself and your assets unprotected in the event of a divorce. Look, we understand that no one wants to talk about the possibility of a divorce before they even get married. However, it is the mature thing to do, and preparing documents like a prenup is just a good way to protect yourself.

Isn’t a Prenup Only for Rich People?

Finally, we should also note that you do not need to be crazy rich to benefit from a prenuptial agreement. You do not need to own vacation homes in multiple countries. You do not need offshore bank accounts. You can just be a regular person with a modest amount of assets that you want to keep protected.

If your spouse has significantly more wealth than you, a prenup is still a good idea. The agreement can keep both of you protected, no matter who has more assets to keep track of.

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