What is a Nesting Arrangement?

What is a Nesting Arrangement?

nesting arrangement

What is a Nesting Arrangement?

Usually, a couple goes their separate ways and ends up living in separate dwellings once they have divorced. If they have kids, the kids go back and forth between these homes. A nesting arrangement is different though. It requires the parents to move around instead of the kids. Our Chatham custody & parenting time attorneys can tell you if this might be a favorable arrangement for your family.

How Does a Nesting Arrangement Work?

When you opt for a nesting arrangement, the kids stay in one place. They stay in the family home and the parents rotate in and out. Most of the time, the routine of the kids can get messed up due to a divorce. They no longer get to just stay in the home they are familiar with. One parent has found a new place and they have to bring the kids there when it’s their parenting time.

This can be rough on kids, no matter what age they are. This can be especially hard on kids who are not neurotypical. Being allowed to stay in the family home can make a big difference, even if the nesting arrangement is just temporary and meant as a way to transition into another setup.

What Kinds of Parents Can Handle a Nesting Arrangement?

The nesting arrangement is not for every family. The ability of the parents to communicate is key here. Parents who cannot talk to each other without going through their lawyers may struggle to make this work.

It is always important to develop a coherent co-parenting strategy after a divorce, but it can be especially difficult for parents in a nesting arrangement who do not get along. They need to be able to set consistent rules and boundaries. A parent who ignores the other parent’s priorities and tries to become “the fun parent” could end up causing complications.

Is a Nesting Arrangement Good If You Have Multiple Kids?

In some cases, a nesting arrangement can be an especially beneficial setup for families with multiple children. When one parent leaves the family home, they may struggle to find a place that offers as many bedrooms. The kids could end up on top of each other, without the space or privacy they are accustomed to.

What Happens to the Family Home?

This arrangement also keeps the family home in the family, for now. You do not have to figure out what to do with it right away. Trying to figure out whether to sell a family home or split the profits from the sale can be a sticking point in divorce negotiations. The nesting arrangement delays this argument.

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