What Is A Pet Custody Plan?

What Is A Pet Custody Plan?

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What Is A Pet Custody Plan?

Everything that you own as a couple needs to be split up when you get a divorce, but how does that work out for your furry friends? You and your partner may find it necessary to work out a pet custody plan. It can be hard to put emotions aside and strive for a fair deal here, but the work is well worth it if you want to keep your relationship with your pet. Our Chatham family law attorneys can even help you with this task.

How Does a Pet Custody Plan Work?

A pet custody plan is like a child custody plan. It determines who is in charge of taking care of a pet and when, and it can establish financial obligations as well. Some things that should be talked about when creating a pet custody plan include:

  • When the pet is going to stay with you
  • When the pet stays with your spouse
  • How expenses like veterinary bills, food, and doggy daycare will be handled
  • What happens if one of you moves somewhere else

As with a child custody agreement, the first priority here should be the happiness of the pet. If you can come to an agreement that works for all three of you, that’s the best possible outcome.

Will the Court Make a Pet Custody Plan?

Unfortunately, the court is unlikely to step in and make a pet custody plan for you. This is because the court does not view pets like they are children. Pets are property, like furniture or a car. The court would not make a custody plan for a coffee table, so it’s not going to make one for a dog or cat.

This seems crazy to most pet owners, but this is just how the law works. If you want to make a pet custody plan, you and your spouse are probably going to have to come to your own agreement.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Having a lawyer can be quite helpful throughout the entire divorce process. If you and your spouse struggle to communicate, you can talk through the lawyers. An attorney can help you take emotion out of it and focus on the most important factor here, the happiness of your pet.

Because you are not likely to make a pet custody plan through the court, your lawyer may be able to introduce you to other methods of problem solving that can help you and your spouse come to an agreement. Mediation can work for a dispute like this, as can arbitration.

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